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#134305 Hanuman when calling a regroup

Posted by Braden on 27 September 2017 - 07:37 AM


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#131067 I got hackerd

Posted by Maaku on 21 September 2017 - 07:43 PM

Yes..  It was anonymouse or J pears idk which one but they scamed my account for couple of hours to get stupid defences on my rscape account to make hanu super mad 

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#28166 A New Start

Posted by HANUMAN on 24 January 2017 - 09:07 PM

Unbreakable was founded first and foremost to have fun on runescape. Since opening, it has quickly became evident that the old HPC scene we were looking forward to participating in was no longer the same. The problems the HPC scene has cannot be fixed without an exhaustive amount of changes not only in what types of accounts these clans consist of but also the mentality of the clan leaders.



I'll be the first to admit that Unbreakable has not been doing well lately. We have exceptional quality but our pulls are very low. We are a new clan so we do not have an old memberbase to rely on and because the HPC scene is so bad right now it is nearly impossible to even recruit people into the community. If they arent turned off by the 39 defence they are turned off by the endless mains at every trip. With oldschool runescape at its highest player base ever, it should not be this hard to get pures into our clanning scene.



Aside from preps, events arent even that fun anymore. We have pulled 20, 30, 40, and even 50, but nothing captured that magic we had before. Not until we made these low level accounts.



With all that said, Unbreakable is officially moving to the LPC combat bracket. We hope one day the LPC bracket turns into what the HPC bracket is supposed to be and pure clanning makes it's return as the most fun, most active, and most action packed clanning scene. Let's really make runescape great again.

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#79309 @Tom Valor

Posted by Trajan on 02 June 2017 - 07:24 PM

In case you haven't heard, Tom just publicly doxed @Kip because he didn't like his name change. Hey Tom, Olympus closed you braindead Dutch moron, go fuck yourself and get over it. Enjoy dropping my dox too you fucking idiot, you're the real traitor here snaking people who counted you as a friend.

Tom joined rage, be on tomorrow get your friends on tomorrow shit is getting real.

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#62859 Think About Joining UB?

Posted by DeeWreck on 01 May 2017 - 04:12 PM



With the rising amount of guests joining these forums daily I would like to put in my 2 cents about joining the Unbreakable community from the +Member perspective. The Unbreakable community is amazing to be a part of. It's an amazing thing to wake up and see yourself achieve success in a clan that are more than just adding a +1 to the weekend. This is a clan of extreme quality and it is constantly shown.


So far up to May 1, 2017

  • Sharkbrew labeled Unbreakable as Clan Of The Month for March & April
  • We have won 77% of our Preps
  • We have won 74% of rounds fought in preps.
  • We have AT LEAST 2-3 events per week
  • Active in-game CC (UB RS)
  • PK Daily whether F2P or P2P

All of this achieved with a mere acceptance rate of 56.8%


Not only does this clan excel in the PvP aspect of RuneScape. We offer many services to help you along the way.

There's a lot to be said about this clan and the potential that the future holds for us. This clan gives you a reason to be proud. This clan never gives you a reason to be ashamed. This is a clan you can trust.


With that said, don't sit around and wait for the next clan to scoop you up as a plus 1. Make something of yourself & be proud of who surrounds you.

Join Here Today

Unbreakable wants YOU


Thank you to the following for making this clan amazing.















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#134318 Hanuman when calling a regroup

Posted by Alex on 27 September 2017 - 08:02 AM


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#21085 Official Prep Record - [64 - 17]

Posted by HANUMAN on 15 December 2016 - 02:58 PM

F2P vs FOE - 0-3 Loss
F2P vs Fi - 3-0 Win Topic
F2P vs R - 2-1 Win Topic
P2P vs SUP - 0-3 Loss
F2P vs CP - 0-3 Loss
F2P vs OP - 2-1 Win Topic
F2P vs CP - 3-0 Win Topic
F2P vs CD - 3-0 Win Topic
P2P vs SUP - 2-1 Win Topic
F2P vs CP - 1-2 Loss
P2P vs OP - 3-0 Win 
F2P vs SUP - 2-1 Win Topic
F2P vs SUP - 2-1 Win Topic
F2P vs OP - 3-0 Win Topic
P2P vs Fi - 3-0 Win Topic
F2P vs R - 3-0 Win Topic
F2p vs IV - 3-0 Win 
P2P vs FOE - 1-2 Loss
P2P vs FOE - 2-1 Win Topic
P2P vs MF -  2-1 Win Topic

P2P vs D - 3-0 Win Topic
F2P vs FS - 3-0 Win Topic

F2P vs CD - 3-0 Win Topic
F2P vs OP - 1-2 Loss (literally had auto-piler client)

F2P vs FS - 3-0 Win

F2P vs - 3-0 Win

P2P vs MF - 3-0 Win

P2P vs - 3-0 Win

F2P vs CD - 3-0 Win

F2P vs FS - 4-0 Win

P2P vs MF - 3-0 Win

F2P vs FS - 1-2 Loss

P2P vs OP - 3-0 Win

F2P vs EOP - 1-2 Loss

F2P vs D - 2-1 Win

P2P vs Fi - 3-0 Win

F2P vs FOE - 3-0 Win

P2P vs FOE - 1-2 Loss

P2P vs FOE - 0-3 Loss

F2P vs R - 2-1 Win

P2P vs Fi - 3-0 Win

P2P vs Fi - 2-1 Win

F2P vs Fi - 3-0 Win

F2P vs Fi - 2-0 Win

F2P vs Fi - 2-1 Win

F2P vs AAO - 4-0 Win

F2P vs FOE - 3-0 Win

F2P vs SV - 3-0 Win

F2P vs R - 0-2 Loss (ddos bastards)

F2P vs SUP - 2-1 Win

F2P vs IR - 3-0 Win

P2P vs Fi - 2-1 Win

F2P vs A - 3-0 Win

F2P vs SUP - 0-3 Loss

F2P vs A - 2-1 Win

P2P vs SV - 2-1 Win

P2P vs Fi - 2-1 Win

F2P vs SV - 3-0 Win

F2P vs FOE - 1-2 Loss

P2P vs FOE - 0-3 Loss

F2P vs PX - 3-0 Win

F2P vs SUP - 1-2 Loss

P2P vs A - 3-0 Win

F2P vs SUP - 3-0 Win

F2P vs IMP - 2-1 Win

P2P vs SUP - 3-0 Win

F2P vs SUP - 2-1 Win

P2P vs A - 0-3 Loss (lagg lol)

P2P vs Fi - 3-0 Win

P2P vs PX - 3-0 Win

P2P vs A - 3-0 Win

P2P vs Fi - 3-0 Win

F2P vs A - 5-0 Win

P2P vs MF - 3-0 Win

P2P vs MF - 2-1 Win

F2P vs MF - 4-1 Win

F2P vs PX - 3-0 Win - 6x COTM BABY

P2P vs IR - 3-0 Win

P2P vs IR - 3-0 Win

F2P vs IR - 2-1 Win

F2P vs A - 1-2 Loss


Total Record: 64-17
Total Rounds: 181-60


F2P Record: 39-11
P2P Record: 26-5

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#57233 another top

Posted by Light Mayhem on 13 April 2017 - 04:55 AM

@Cody just got these bad boys how u doing




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#134326 Hanuman when calling a regroup

Posted by pizy on 27 September 2017 - 08:54 AM


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#97338 Vegas Trip ft. Nate Beast

Posted by Ecstacy on 09 July 2017 - 05:20 AM

So I went to Vegas last week, which was dope as fuck. Had never been out that far west and it was pretty different being essentially in the middle of the dry ass desert rather than being in my home state of Florida which is green and humid af


While I was there I got real fucked up with my dad and my brother, lost a bunch of money gambling, then made a bunch of money gambling - played a lot of roulette, blackjack, and entered 2 poker tournaments where I finished 16/36 and 14/40. Visited pretty much all the famous hotels/casinos in Vegas, ate some of the best food I had eaten in my life (the hotels have insane buffets, and the one I was staying in had an open bar included with the buffet) and saw some random cool shit like the pawn shop from Pawn Stars - which is tiny af compared to what they make it look like on the show. Met Chumley from the show, who came off as a total douche but it was still cool to see him in person. Also ate at In-n-out which I had never eaten at before. Probably the best fast food burger I had every had


The most fun part for me was probably the gambling in every casino and partying on Fremont Street (downtown/Old Vegas). Saw a bunch of interesting characters there and me and my brother almost got in a fight with a homeless guy (which was a lot more fun than it probably sounds considering how hard we were trolling him the whole time). My hotel also had a topless/nude pool which I spent an hour or 2 at one night just for the lols


All in all the trip was fun as fuck and I'd definitely recommend going over there to experience it. It's sorta like it's own little world over there. And also I don't think I've ever seen that much 10/10 ass within a 5-day period in my life. Well, I went to FSU so nvm but the girls were definitely on-point


While I was there, I hit up my nigga Nate Beast and he picked me up and took me by the UNLV campus and we had a bunch of drinks at one of his go-to bars there. Had to take the obligatory picture which is below. I'm on the left and @Nate is on the right. Idk why the pic is so big lol


Wish I took more pics while I was over there to show you guys but I'm not much of a picture taker and I hardly saved any pics from my snapchat



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#134310 Hanuman when calling a regroup

Posted by Alex on 27 September 2017 - 07:49 AM


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#86925 To all Clan friends/Guests

Posted by Head of Elder Negotiations on 16 June 2017 - 01:41 PM

You're going to witness something truly remarkable in the upcoming weeks. Our entire clan has been given the motivation we needed by poor decision making from opposing leaderships.

If you want to be part of this group of hungry apes pm "Commander" on irc and I'll help you with the transition over to UnBreakable clan.

Believe me when I say you will regret not being here for this.
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#77426 finally it is where it belongs

Posted by HANUMAN on 29 May 2017 - 06:18 AM




this rsn was 7 years in the making



shoutout to @alan for alerting me of

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#64993 olympus attempting to ip grab members of Unbreakable clan?

Posted by HANUMAN on 04 May 2017 - 08:18 PM

Over the past few days I've had to remove 3 different obvious ip grabber links (check the banned accs lmao) from our forum. Neither ended up grabbing the IP of anyone really but it just brings up the question - who would attempt to IP grab Unbreakable clan?


If I had to go with the most obvious answer I would have to say the dutch retard Tom Valor from olympus considering he has a long history of resorting to loser tactics. Let me just say that Unbreakable clan does not take kindly to these kind of measures and the last clan that came at us out of game got their clan closed in game.


It is not smart that a clan that is already on their last legs resorts to disgusting tactics against a clan that is better in every way and also 10x more active. I was getting a little bored of bullying olympus but now I am motivated to remove this cancer from our pure community.


This weekend, and every other weekend from now on, olympus will be allowed no fights whatsoever. The only fight they are allowed to have will be one where they die to us.


What do you guys think of this disgusting behavior? Do you think it will end well for them? Please discuss below.


BTW do not ever click links from guests on forums or in TS and do not ever click sketchy looking links in general.




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#131449 Looking to join?

Posted by Zach on 22 September 2017 - 05:34 PM

If you're looking to join our clan start out by making an introduction to the clan here by using this template


Discord: https://discord.gg/gQcN9yP


Our youtube channel with many videos of clan events: https://www.youtube....&view=0&sort=dd


Public Clan Chat: UB_RS


We have PK trips every Saturday/Sunday at 1:30 EST 6:30 GMT, Followed by other events throughout the week.


If you need anything don't hesitate to PM a general in our clan chat

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Posted by K2P on 25 July 2017 - 02:52 AM




related articles: http://ub-rs.com/com...ble-clan/page-1

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#100727 Failed Private Server Clanner [eop]jamz Officially Broken by Unbreakable clan

Posted by HANUMAN on 13 July 2017 - 10:42 PM

After our 55 man inners today we got word that our pipe brothers in Intense Redemption wanted a nice 25v25 f2p prep for friday. Once [eop]jamz found out his clanwars embargo was no longer totally effective (a rot tactic that only works for rot because the clan rot is doing it to has no other fights in the wilderness, unlike Unbreakable clan that has fights every single day) he instantly threatens one of the most respectful clans on the game with mains (so much for only using them against sovereign, lol.)
(17:03:38) <[EoP]Jamz> Colossal
(17:03:44) <[EoP]Jamz> if you dont cancel your prep versus ub
(17:03:50) <[EoP]Jamz> i'll be hitting your clan with mains
(17:03:54) <[EoP]Jamz> this weekend
(17:04:40) <[EoP]Jamz> Colossal are you really sure you want to start this shit? we have 10 leaks in your fucking clan and will literally not stop till you are pulling less than Fatality
(17:04:50) <[EoP]Jamz> so choose wisley
(17:06:25) <[EoP]Jamz> just think to yourself is it worth having beef with a clan that literally slumped the hpc scene, put fatality in a 3 year slump they still haven't recovered from and can pull more mains than pures
(17:06:35) <[EoP]Jamz> the choice is yours m8
(17:12:11) <Colossal> what?
(17:12:27) <[EoP]Jamz> you have a prep versus unbreakable this friday, correct?
Once this didnt work, [ambush]jamz resorts to saying his era of eop is better than the 2011 era of eop.
(17:17:33) <Colossal> don't forget when your clan pulled 15 in 2011 and came to our trips
(17:17:36) <Colossal> to stay alive
(17:17:40) <[EoP]Jamz> I never led EOP back then
(17:17:45) <[EoP]Jamz> Nor was I a part of it
(17:17:56) <[EoP]Jamz> If you really think this is the same EOP from those years ago
(17:18:04) <[EoP]Jamz> You clearly are a fucking idiot
(17:18:05) <[EoP]Jamz> LMFAO
(17:18:33) <Colossal> don't message me nigga
(17:18:33) <[EoP]Jamz> This EOP massed up 130 mains/tanks and 70 pures to FOE's anni this year
(17:18:58) <Colossal> grats man
(17:19:06) <[EoP]Jamz> We can beat you with or without them
(17:19:08) <[EoP]Jamz> you're fucking IR
(17:19:13) <[EoP]Jamz> we perfected you in a 30v30
(17:19:14) <[EoP]Jamz> LMFAO
(17:19:20) <Colossal> cool bro
(17:19:24) <Colossal> guess what
(17:19:28) <Colossal> im still prepping ub tomorrow
(17:19:30) <[EoP]Jamz> The point isn't about displaying how good we are with pures
This leads me to ask a couple of questions.
1) does anyone other than jamz think this era of eop is better than the 2011-2012 era where they consistently competed with both MM + FOE? (who were led by walli + kyle, not holydreams)
2) does this mean foe now takes orders from eop on who they can or cannot prep? I found it odd that both eop and foe decided to not prep us right around the same time for seemingly no reason other than I guess eop was mad we took all of their high quality p2p warrers and is now scared of fighting them. It is kind of weird that foe would be starving themselves of consistent 50v50 preps in both servers for some made up reason like "ub ranks are mean to holydreams", especially when they have had pretty solid success against us in the past.
Even with our differences, I had some respect for foe as an independent clan who were confident in their own abilities at least in p2p. But now I cant help but think maybe foe no longer has the same respect for themselves.

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#52891 clan of the monthly

Posted by RacOOn geOrge on 04 April 2017 - 05:11 AM

8:1 100% winrate btw


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#27986 Well this is going to be fun

Posted by Ar u there on 23 January 2017 - 07:39 PM



omg l0l

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#133272 What was your main reason for joining UB?

Posted by Maaku on 25 September 2017 - 04:51 PM

One morning someone told me that u are ape now

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