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  1. Today
  2. looked fun, def wanna catch one of these soon
  3. Dude these trips are fun, make sure you try to make one every once and a while.
  4. feelin real good rn..

  5. I'm starting a petition to put k2p's kill message on the front page. lmfao fun trip boys! clans were exploded on this night.
  6. the ape rises..

  7. foc fucked and sf bullied from multi to singles and from singles to edge bank. another easy win for ub clan. btw k2p not a tank
  8. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Our scheduled 20v20 with outrage today ended up getting cancelled, so we decided we needed to find something else to do. No other clan would 20v20 us, so we decided to hit up the UB caves and clear shit with the boys. The first 2 hours or so were pretty average, killing vennies and random small teams for mad loot. In the third hour we ran into special forces who for some reason thought they could actually fight us. We exploded them almost immediately with them failing to kill a single person and then we tried to bait them into fighting us again for another few minutes before by chance we ran into foe. After a second to get organized, we singled out and killed foe kids basically as fast as we killed SF. What started out as a matched fight ended very quickly on account of some absolutely terrible tanks from foe members (and especially ranks) and some amazing piling from UB clan. GOOD SHIT UNBREAKABLE WE DID IT AGAIN.
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  11. we bring the next president of venezuela
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