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  1. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Massed up roughly 30 apes to fight Resistance in a big war, despite them using FIRST PILE LEAKS every single round, we managed to come back 2 sets, after losing the 1st set due to stinkers clumping into 5-6 mans. Nevertheless, thank you for the fun and clean fight RS. Set 1: Lost Set 2: Winners (2-1) Set 3: Winners (2-0) Jackal POV w0c Braden
  2. Michael cee is the best I’ve seen
  3. This is why chief spied on foe

  4. @HANUMAN - PM FOR MEMBER My friend is still waiting on them hitman guys yo. Waiting for my car to be taken. UB full of leaks people better off closing this shit right here thats for sure. @JP Why you in UB when your a rank in Legacy man. @Light Mayhem Why you in rage an in ub ? @skater Why you even in ub-Your in another clan @Braden - PM FOR MEMBER Why you so blind not to see your surrounded by leakers an trolls - CLOSE UB !!! 

  5. Discord: https://discord.gg/TKwkv3s Site: https://ub-rs.com/community This fine Saturday on, 5th October, Unbreakable massed up 37 apes for an action packed trip and cluster. We had multiple fights with Apex which went back and forth each fight. Whether the fights were at bandits or corp hill, both clans obtained the lead at various, unfortunately which ended due to clans crashing. Unbreakable then set out to participate in cluster with Resistance, Fatality and Outrage. After some high IQ calculated movements, Unbreakable were the last clan in that cluster. GF ALL! Finally, we ended the trip with an hour-long return fight with Fatality. This fight contained leads from both sides but Unbreakable held control for the majority of the battle. After an hour or so of battle with a large opt advantage in game, we decided we had our fun so spammed GF and dipped from the fight. Both Ubreakable and Fatality could have gone on much longer but we decided an hour was plenty. Thanks for the fun fight fellas. VIDEOS Dean POV Braden POV PICTURES
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