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  1. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Unbreakable headed out with 43 strong gamers ready to kill all and we did just that! Sadly our rivals, regeneracy, dropped back down to 30 man pulls so we didnt bother much with them. Instead, we had some clean 40v40 fights vs Fatality and outperformed them from start to finish. We had 3 different fights and every single fight we were up opts basically the entire time even though the starting opts were even. Afterwards, we saw apex managed to win their first fight in forever against our old rivals so we decided to pay them a visit and kill them too. For some reason noxx forced his members to suicide to us for roughly 30 minutes (there was no chance they could win) and they literally did not fight back for the entire duration. It was kind of sad, honestly. We had over double their opts ingame (and they claimed to pull the same as us) the entire time and they basically just tried to run around CA over and over again in the hopes of getting enough to fight back but never could and just died over and over again. Unlucky fellas better luck next time. After 2 hours and each UB member getting literally 15+ kills, we ended with the same amount as we started with. UB once again performed amazingly and once again had an amazing trip. GRATZ UB. Jackal POV Dean POV

  3. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Headed out for a mainer rev session with the boys and once again made absolute bank. We started out with only a few but slowly gained as we got more and more action. We ended up owning DK a few times at revs and then were challenged to fight them at GDZ where we owned them again (altho we had a good amount more than them). Since we were pking in our public CC apex thought they could get an easy hit us on or something but quickly their plan started to crumble when our 10 gamers turned to 25 with 1 mass poke and we made light work of them. They tried again for some reason and failed to kill a single person before they decided to call off returning and sit at the entrance in brid gear defeated. They ended in embarrassment and we continued our trip for another hour having a couple sick return fights with random main teams. GJ all was fun!

  5. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube What started out as Commander and I suiciding to mains at high altar (nerf black d'hide body fucking jagex) slowly turned into a full power PK trip as more and more gang members joined in. We cleared out high altar, and then found ourselves at CA where we somehow managed to make bank and once that was clear we headed up to wev caves and continued to make even more bank. Eventually we realized we had been pking for over 5 hours and decided that was enough ownage for one day. GRATZ UB.
  6. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Headed out with 50 gamers to kill bastards today and we did just that!! Unfortunately it was one of those trips where the highest pulling clans were too scared to fight eachother so they just continuously crashed the lower pulling clans. It didnt matter to us much though as we would just run in and kill what we could anyways. We would rush in down 15 just to start action as UNBREAKABLE is fearless and if we didnt nobody else would. During the 2 hour cluster trip we got hits on basically everyone. GJ UB and GF all clans. See you next week. Eh Vc POV w0c POV
  7. Was checking out relegance video to see what their pov looked like (not good btw) and the homie actually had player indicator on, meaning everyone who wasnt in CC has their name displayed on their character in game. At the start of the video there is nobody with them who isnt in their cc, but as the time goes on more and more names start popping up. I think foe legit had more kids there than apex did at the end LMFAO. Here are all the names I've found watching a few minutes of the vid (not gonna watch a 25 minute video of them running around sniping the outskirts of a fight lmao) effy stonem, 7 froze, fudog, foe strong, convini, pure clanning, nickkgrr, black mirror, real me, im samz, makarjan, child proof, pure clanning, jam boys, god dd. That is literally 15 people out of the 40 they managed on the cape counter who were not with their clan. LMAO. That was one of the easiest fights I've ever been in even with an incredibly boring virgin clan (who is so obviously trying to force a rivalry with a clan that pulls 20 less than them its cringe as FUCK) assisting two of our most heated rival clans who we were fighting at the same time. Why foe thinks we would rival one of the most boring clans in the history of pure clanning when we have some of the best trips every single week is beyond my comprehension, but thanks for making the fight even longer and making it even more fun for us. =) UNBREAKABLE STARTING OPTS: 45 resistance STARTING OPTS: 41 apex STARTING OPTS: 35 UNBREAKABLE ENDING OPTS: 48 resistance ENDING OPTS: 28 apex ENDING OPTS: 17 GRATS UB Feel free to check out the vid at bottom for more random names lmao
  8. feels fucking good to be UB btw

  9. i want to personally thank foc for helping make our event really really fun =)
  10. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube UNBREAKABLE CLAN went out today with 53 men. We bullied who we needed to bully and killed who we needed to kill. We then 1v3'd res+apex+foc randoms in res capes (lmao) for over an hour and quite literally had the opt advantage over both clans the entire fight. Endless waves of resistance and apex would run into us only to be absolutely fucking destroyed and forced to run off and regroup all over again. The difference in quality between our clans could not be any more obvious. Stay trash you absolute garbage clans. After watching resistance and apex try to maneuver around the altar to hit us together and failing for the 100th time, we ran north with more ingame than both clans combined and over 50 still on teamspeak knowing we absolutely fucked on clans today. Amazing job UB. See you tomorrow. Jackal pov (30 min of ownage pov) pibb pov w0c pov eh vc pov
  11. u know what time it is baby BE ON FOR KILL

  12. mfw res ranks beg for off all week and then try to scum us in a friendly event LMFAO see you soon motherfucks

  13. thankful for ub rn

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