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  1. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Set up a big mini vs Fatality and had a nice little battle. With some solid tanks and piling, we managed to secure victory in all 4 rounds. GJ all and GF fi. Jackal POV
  2. feels so good to be UB

  3. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Unbreakable massed up ~45 men for our weekly P2P murder session. Although the trip was slow to start because some other clans had weird pulls, it picked up in the last half and we absolutely massacred clans. We hit resenance upwards of 7 times, and even though we originally started down a few opts, literally every single time a clan crashed we were up opts. Slowly but surely (actually pretty fast now that I think of it) resurgence's pull dropped and dropped and what originally started out as a decent 50 man pull, plummeted to a sad 25 man snipe team by the time the 3 hour trip was over. Unbreakable, with our superior leadership, member quality, energy, perspective, mental fortitude, etc, ended our 3 hour trip with 40 strong gamers. Although revsession was undeniably and completely demolished in the 40 minute 3 way cluster at the end (expected when you continuously tele up to get gwasd over and over again (nice leadership lol)), respect for actually attempting to fight once all the shitty boring clans finally ended. GF to rs and outrage. Like always, it was a great weekend to be UB. Jackal POV Dean POV
  4. why bring mains and suicide when you can just bring pures and fight? lmfao why do clans have to learn this lesson?

  5. GJ today, be on tomorrow for p2p!

  6. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Today Unbreakable went out with 44 men, later peaking at 47 gamers for our F2P Pk trip. Sadly the men over at reselance only managed to pull 28 after hyping up these trips to kill us and spent the entire tripping dying to fatality. SAD! So anyways, after instantly hitting relegance to make sure they know we are always watching, apex rushed us and we began fighting. Although Unbreakable clan went down opts at the start we very quickly started smoking apex with our superior leadership, quality, etc. After dropping apex from 45 all the way down to less than 25 in game, they scattered like rats out of the fight area and down to the return spot. We followed them, and continued to kill them up a considerable amount of opts until some other clan rushed and the fight ended. GF you tried. During the fight we noticed an annoying amount of mains in apex cape (something we noticed last week as well) and decided to make sure they knew we are capable of fielding MANY more mains than them. They tried defending again with mains but once again, we had many more and completely wiped them off the map. They tried again to defend with their mains on corp hill and we once again decimated them. Even after we asked them to fight without mains, when we rushed with only pures apex once again had 10 mains in their cape and we once again logged our gamers in and killed them. This repeated another time after they tried to get EVEN MORE mains logged in (we still had more) and we killed them once again making apex 0-4 on the day. Why use mains when we can just fight on pures? You will literally never have more mains than us, so just use pures. Hopefully the lesson is learned and next week they wont try to bring mains yet again. The first fight was good, stop bringing mains. Dean POV Jackal POV w0c POV (lmfao)
  7. mfw we have a legit suicider who dies 11 times in 74 total deaths and we still tie


    1. Jackal
    2. Farmer Jorrit

      Farmer Jorrit

      Down 5/6members for about 10 minutes, cant really expect anything reasonable to happen

  8. GJ today, clans will have to do a lot better than that to ruin an event for UB clan lmfao

  9. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Vendetta asked us for a f2p pkri this week so of course we accepted. We massed up a strong 35 men or so, but sadly Vendetta had some trouble pulling and delayed the pkri like an extra 25 minutes before the action popped off. A little while after the battle started, we let Vendetta pull away and get some more opts. Soon after, Vendetta rushed again, with the 15 crashers resistance could muster up slowly coming in behind them. Immediately we scimmed on top of resistance and cleared them. Foe then rushed and resistance would follow foe around in their capes leeching off them for the next 30 minutes as they couldnt pull enough to crash on their own, sad! Foe ended shortly after and along with them resistance disappeared so we set up another pkri vs vendetta, but by now we had a good amount more than them and they just decided to end. We ran through w308 instead and found out to our surprise that snare didnt actually rejuvenate f2p and there was literally not a single person there. GJ Jagex. GF to all the clans out today except for resistance lmfao you suck. Dean POV Ent POV lmao
  10. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube resistance asked us for a 1v1 so we massed up the men and killed them several times. Good fights better luck next time! Grats UB. https://i.gyazo.com/b19a1bfd5201aab02363bc7a84fbecdd.mp4 (click for gwas) Light POV
  11. GJ at inners, keep up the activity UB CLAN!!

  12. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Unbreakable continues it's rise pulling over 50 gang members once again. Like usual, every clan targeted the Apes and like usual, it didnt matter. We killed everyone in our sights and continued to bully everyone around in the seemingly endless clusters (please fucking god fight other clans 1v1 you losers). Every single time we set up a fight, every single clan would rush from every single direction shortly after it started. Like usual, every single clan but Unbreakable was scared to set fights up in multi. We fought resistance several times and several times we were up opts (starting from anywhere from 5-9 men down btw) only for the fights to be crashed by literally everyone. Even so, we did not let that deter us and continued to battle in multi for the entirety of the trip wreaking absolute havoc on any clan that stood near us. resistance is not good but I cant help but give them at least a little props for attempting to fight us in multi when no other clans even attempted to fight eachother. Everyone hates us, we dont care. Become a target, join UB today @ ub-rs.com Jackal POV Alex POV
  13. good shit this weekend, keep up the good work APES

  14. BE ON FOR P2P TRIP :eyes:


  16. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Piece by piece Unbreakable clan continues to build. Today UB ventured out into the wilderness with an amazing 52 gang members ready to kill anyone and everyone - which is exactly what we did. We found resistance several times and hunted them down like the dogs that they are. Everywhere they went, we followed. Originally starting their trip with over 50 strong reverend pkers, they ended in less than 2 hours after being dropped to 30 ingame. We are always watching, btw. Other than hunting down rats, we also made appearances killing apex who had signups to bring mains for some reason (?????) and hit some other clusters with fi/foe/ly/outrage/etc. Good job to all clans who pulled well today, but let's not turn this community back into the main infested hellhole we all know it can turn into. Thanks for the battles and see you all tomorrow, gamers. Dean POV Braden POV Jackal POV

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