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Unbreakable Saturday F2P Ownage ft. CD/rage

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Headed out with a solid 55 homies to take on the F2P world and we did just that !


We started the day off with a matched 1v1 vs CD on corp hill. We quickly took the opt advantage and held it dropping them down from 50 to 15 ingame while we still had like 52. We continued to kill them while they ran around trying to get returners until eop eventually rushed and ended the fight. gf


We were planning to fight CD again but eop were around so we went to hop worlds and fight somewhere else, but cd were mad they got owned in the first fight and tried to hit us in single. We all logged back in and dropped them down to like 15 in game in single before we ran into multi to see if they would follow and they did not. gf


We then found apex/aao/sup/etc fighting around boneyard and corp so we ran around killing those people until rage tried to crash with around 10 more than us. We started fighting down 10 and because rage suck we dropped literally 10 before they could kill anyone and then had a giant scim push that killed even more. The opt lead went into our favour and then foe crashed and the fight ended. lmao rage


After a couple more clusters and not much else happening we ended our successful trip.


Dave's pov


Dean's pov













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fun fights

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hella ownage from ub clan

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gj bros. be on tomorrow for own

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was ok trip. Whatever action we did actually have, we dominated

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