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Unbreakable vs Resistance + apex + mains P2P PKRI

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RS approached us for a random PKRI battle and although both clans have been in hibernation and werent really sure what we'd pull, we were excited to get back out there so accepted. We managed to peak at 32 gang members and fought for over half an hour, dominating most of the fight.

We defended at bone yard and from the get-go we were in control of the fight and up opts ingame. RS asked us for a break to kill the 8 apex crashers (they were massed up already for a different fight too, it was sad) and as we were flaming them RS gained strength ingame and took over for a few minutes while we got returners in game. After that first hiccup, we remained up opts for basically the entirety of the fight dropping RS down to single digits multiple times while also fighting apex 1itemers and random mains at the same time. After about 30 minutes of solid fighting we got one last final clear on RS and teled out having had our fun.


GF all thanks for the battles.

Jackal POV




w0c POV


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was good action for most part slayed them all in the end !

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